Marketing Business Analyst, MarTech (Since 2023)

Since April 2023 at VF Corp, I’ve been pivotal in analyzing and documenting business processes for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, aiming to enhance operations across brands like The North Face, Ultra, Smartwool, Timberland, and Vans. My role bridges the Brand Marketing Department with the SFMC Development and Engineering team. I focus on developing specifications, UI mock-ups, and managing integrations and testing of new features. In daily scrum sessions, I contribute to story development and documentation, ensuring seamless communication between teams. My work is essential in rolling out new functionalities and improving customer experience within SFMC.


As a contractor for VF Corp since April 2023, you have been leading the analysis and documentation of business processes, focusing on identifying and implementing improvements. Your role includes:

Business Process Analysis and Documentation: Thoroughly analyzing current and future business processes for potential improvements, with a special focus on enhancing user experience and productivity.
Requirement Design and Development: Writing functional and non-functional specifications, creating user interface mock-ups, process and data flow diagrams, dashboards, and reports.
Scrum Participation: Engaging in daily scrum sessions, writing stories, identifying acceptance criteria, and preparing various types of on-demand documentation.
Specification Review and Validation: Collaborating with subject matter experts, development team members, and other stakeholders to ensure specifications are completed on time and receive necessary approvals.
Liaison Role: Acting as a bridge between the Product Owner and the development team, contributing to product and feature recommendations to enhance customer experience.
Integration Analysis: Examining business requirements related to third-party or product integrations and coordinating with vendors for implementation.
Testing and Quality Assurance: Assisting in testing new product features, designing test cases, and supporting system enhancements.
Facilitation of New Functionalities: Collaborating with stakeholders, the Product Owner, and the Scrum Team for the rollout of new functionalities.
Process and KPI Monitoring: Partnering with the Product Owner to monitor and evaluate processes and key performance indicators (KPIs) to further improve the customer experience.