Rixius SEA & Social Media campaigns (2019-2020)

Rixius AG is a specialist for plastic bottles and glass bottles for more than 100 years. They dominate the German packaging industry. Rixius was going through a transformation process as many things were still manually processed. Digital Shiftto online sales and my role was to shape, design andoptimize the current performance marketing landscape forthe company. They already had some groundwork done, such as SEA, but a whole new concept for optimized ROI needed to be implemented across various channels.


Creating and implementing Social Media Advertising strategies forFacebook, LinkedIn and Xing which did not exist before
Designing and implementing a digital marketing strategy for
amulti-channel approach
Optimizing current SEA strategies and re-modelling the conversionfunnel
Intensive Training internal employees in Social Media Advertising,so they can take over the tasks
Optimizing and enhancing Google analytics conversion funnels,dashboards and more to reflect eCommerce success
In charge of increasing the general performance marketing for thecompany