beyerdynamic Instagram campaign “Around the world” (2019)

Together with Anita Pfahl who works at beyerdynamic GmbH & Co KG. and two artists from Buenos Aires, Andi Pomato (singer-songwriter) and Paula Lembo (photographer and content editor) we developed, managed and executed an Instagram campaign – in 90 days around the world. Andi and Paula would travel, the world in 90 days with specific destinations to perform their art by using beyerdynamic products. This is one of my proudest projects to date.


Developing & managing the project scope, destinations and KPI’s
Creating all written content based on the material that Andi & Paula shared with us daily
Daily posting on Instagram on their journey and experiences
Paid Social Media ads for Instagram to boost awareness and reach
Developing and executing an Online shop sale for specific beyerdynamic products they had with them
Instagram Campaign with beyerdynamic