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About Me

Annika Turski - Deep Blue Consulting CEO

(MSc. in Business Psychology)

“I am an expert when it comes to digital marketing campaigns, social media marketing, behavioural psychology, advertising psychology, communication psychology as well as developing & implementing new sales channels.“

I founded DeepBlue Consulting Annika Turski in January 2019 to help companies grow their sales, digital marketing and brand potential.

As a results-focused Senior Digital Marketing and Communication Manager with over 6 years of experience including a thorough understanding of customer engagement, content marketing and customer relationship building strategies, I am here to help you achieve the next level in your business.

My passion is to connect marketing, sales and psychological experience to provide integrated marketing communication concepts that maximize the customer loyalty and buying behavior. Delivering multi-channel customer experience by analyzing customer behavior and journeys across all channels is in my nature.

Moreover, it is my ambition to build digital communication concepts that are designed to drive brand affinity, awareness, activation, and retention via all online channels.

I don’t tire to learn and improve my knowledge of the digital world and its development.

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About the Company

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Founded in 2018 DeepBlue Consulting specializes in designing digital marketing campaigns, by using communication psychology & advertising psychology.

The company started in 2018 as a side business first and since January 2019 the company is set up as a full-service business.

We design campaigns which use colours, text and sales strategies that customers connect with.

The main goal is to build an emotional connection between your product / service and your customers.


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