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“Highly efficient and a real pleasure to work with” – that’s a phrase that springs to mind when I think of Annika.

I had the opportunity to work with her in 2018 and 2019 as part of implementing several native advertising campaigns for beyerdynamic.

Annika impressed me with her always positive nature and her expertise in online marketing. Together, strategies were developed to implement multi-channel campaigns to meet the pre-defined KPI’s.

The communication with her was always open, fast, uncomplicated and professional.

I would recommend her anytime and look forward to further projects with her.

I wish her all the best and success in her journey into self-employment, and I’m sure that she will be a real asset to each of her future clients and employers, not just because of her professionalism and industry know-how.

Katharina Hafner
Sales Manager South, Dach at Outbrain

Like many other companies, our company faces the great challenge of acquiring qualified specialists – in our case, pedagogically trained nannies for the private household.

We decided to invest in social media promotions (facebook / instagram) with a relatively small advertising budget and developed a campaign in three parts

Ms. Turski’s job was to advise us on the graphic designing and textual content, to define different audiences according to different goals, as well as to divide the budget and the timetable.

She planned all paid social campaigns for us according to plan and evaluated timely results in order to be able to optimize during the campaign period.

With constant availability far beyond “normal” working hours, Ms. Turski successfully implemented our project and explained every step and every objective, gave assistance, so that we as a customer could “see through” the procedure as well as possible.

We are not yet at the end of our campaign, but we can already say that we can see a huge growth in reach and visitors to our homepage.

In addition, working together on a human level with Ms. Turski is a lot of fun. She is conscientious, fast, cordial and extremely professional.

Thanks, Annika! Your nanny4yourkid-Team

Daniela Vetter
Online Marketing

Since 2018 Annika is consulting and supporting us in developing, implementing and managing our Social Media platforms.

She always manages to define our ideas in concrete and strategic projects and to implement goal-oriented, consistent and thus successful campaigns.

I have known Annika for many years and appreciate her professional competence, fast reaction time and proactive attitude.”

Jens Kappelt
Director Brand Marketing - ACCO Brands EMEA

Ms. Turski is an entrepreneurial thinker and acting adviser who always develops projects and campaigns with purposeful dedication.

Ms. Turski has been instrumental in the strategic and organizational re-orientation of beyerdynamic’s online marketing division.

It contributed to the significant increase in Digital & Social E-commerce sales in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Since March 2019, she has been in charge of paid social, affiliate networks and our strategic campaigns as an external consultant.

Thank you Annika for all your support

Sven Ochman
Director Brand Marketing & Communications, Beyerdynamic GMBH & Co Kg

I had the privilege of working with Annika. Annika is very jolly, proactive, result oriented, responsible and technically the sound employee and she is always ready to put all her energy and time to get the work done.

Annika has exceptional troubleshooting and analytical skills in Social Media Marketing. Annika has good knowledge of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and all other social media platforms. With her guidelines, my skills are made more mature and I am very happy to work with her. I highly recommend Annika for her best skill of marketing & sharp strategy creation.

Rajesh Ray
Digital Marketing Specialist at Beyerdynamic India PVT Ltd

I had the pleasure to work with Annika while she was employed at Beyerdynamic. We worked closely on implementing a marketing and sales solution aimed at students.

Annika was always eager to help with any information needed and also shared a very consultative approach to find the best solution possible.

I wish her all the best for her future and hope we can work together again soon.

Jacob Steinröder
New Business Director - DE Unidays

Annika contributed significantly to the success of the implementation and use of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and provided exceptionally valuable support in operational email marketing.

I appreciate her as a highly qualified, determined and extremely reliable employee who never shied away from even new and complex challenges. A very pleasant and customer-oriented employee whom we will miss and whom I am very happy to recommend.

Nikolas Müller
Leiter Website, App & E-Mail-Marketing Mainova AG

Annika has been a Contract Email Marketing Manager since the beginning of the
project (March 2020). She worked in our team and played a major role in the fact
that we successfully introduced the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Today we are able to send daily personalized email campaigns with dynamic content
in automated event-triggered customer journeys to our customers. The reporting of
the corresponding email KPIs can now be visualized in a clear dashboard in
Datorama. The Campaign creation process could be shortened significantly, so that
we can send individual campaigns within one day.

Without Annika there is no way we would have achieved all of this.

With her specialist knowledge, Annika has quickly become an indispensable part of
our team. With her ability to quickly comprehend complex products, services &
tools, she quickly familiarized herself with new subject areas and was therefore very

In addition to her comprehensive email marketing & very good communication
skills, her commitment, as well as her pleasant and humorous nature are particularly

In summary, Annika is a real asset to any team because she is professional &
methodical and thus simply great in every aspect.

It was a pleasure having Annika on the team and I am very sorry that she cannot
stay with us any longer.

Patrick Seufert
Product Owner Marketing Cloud Team Mainova AG

I’m working with Annika on an utilities project since last year where we are implementing Salesforce from scratch. Annika was hired by the client as an external advisor for creating campaigns in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

It’s hard to explain Annika’s role as she is taking over a lot of tasks which in other
projects would be covered by different people, just to mention a few of her tasks:

    • Providing all information around content (naming convention, structure, text, blocks, pictures, dynamic rules)
    • Creating content / emails
    • Testing all kinds of user stories (segmentation, email rendering, journey reporting)
    • Project management and communication to share & stakeholders

Annika is always willing to help tackle a problem even if it is not in her
responsibility. She adapts very quickly to content changes and makes sure that
emails are implemented in the right quality and on time.

Furthermore, Annika makes use of her great communication skills in sprint reviews
by presenting our developments to our key stakeholders. She can explain technical
implementation in an exciting and understandable way to non-technical people.

Annika is the go-to person for all content related topics – if she doesn’t know the
answer, she finds someone who knows it. We couldn’t have delivered the MVP
without her.

Moreover, Annika is a very quick learner: She is currently one of the few people on
the project who know how to work in Salesforce Marketing Cloud – I’m convinced
that she will be the person who is upskilling the campaign managers. Annika has a
great team spirit and it is a pleasure to work with her

Thuy Würfel
Associate Manager Accenture

I really enjoy working with Annika! Besides her profound knowledge in digital marketing I appreciate her focus and perseverance but also that she stays relaxed, constructive and flexible in rather stressful situations.

Sophie Schott
Senior Consultant SMP Strategy Consulting

Annika and I worked together on setting up and expanding Rixius’ social performance campaigns.


Annika has a deep knowledge of today’s digital challenges, customer behavior and has mastered the possibilities of social selling.

Annika advised us well at all times – both in setting up and managing the campaigns, and also provided training to enable the team to take over the management later on. The collaboration was fun and I wish you continued success!

Wolf Albrecht
Head of Marketing & eCommerce Rixius

Working with Annika is very professional and makes a lot of fun.

She is highly skilled in Online Marketing, comes up with great ideas to to push your Online performance and a real team player.

Alexandra Wahl
Manager Retail & Consumer / Advisory PwC

Annika always works goal-oriented and focused. She understands exactly what a customer wants and, thanks to her extensive knowledge, can give great input on how this goal can be achieved.

Her strengths are, among other things, that she can adapt very well to her counterpart, so she can hold a technical discussion among online marketers, but also make it clear to a customer who comes into contact with paid
campaigns for the first time what is necessary, why, and why.

Annika does not limit herself to “her” part in the cooperation, but is always ready to think about a project as a whole. We have already implemented several projects together and, given the constant success, there will probably be many more.

Anne Michel
Digital Strategy & Online Marketing Nordkurier
The biggest challenge for me was that I didn’t have the time
to figure out Social Media properly, with Annika I had an expert on the team who knew what she was doing. She was always very committed to explaining how facebook and instagram ads worked  and through the open communication, we were able to develop and implement ideas together. I have to say I’ve lost my fear of contact with Facebook Ads! Thank you Annika!

What I particularly liked
was that Annika – even in stressful times – was always available and always helped. I have to say I’ve lost my fear of contact with Facebook Ads! Thank you Annika!

Imke Machura
Gründerin Raketerei