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Delivering Expert Digital Solutions Since 2019

DeepBlue Consulting LLC specializes in transforming businesses digitally since 2019. Our core services include innovative Digital Marketing, insightful Data Analysis and Visualization, and creative Graphic Design and Video Editing. Renowned for elevating brands, we blend cutting-edge solutions with personalized service to drive your business success in the digital era.

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Pont Packaging SEA & Social Media (Since 2020)

Started in 1906 as a supplier of glass containers, the PontEurope Group today comprises 140 highly professional staff. 14 offices and warehouses, located within the European Union, are all fully dedicated to meeting the packaging needs of their respective markets. Setting up new Social Media profiles & advertising for Germany and UK to increase brand awareness and online revenue. Use current SEA structures and set up new sales funnel for Germany and Italy. 

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Digital Online classes in Spanish (Since 2023)

I currently lead a project offering six digital online courses in Spanish, focusing on innovative business tools and strategies. This includes courses on maximizing ChatGPT, setting up a digital business, mastering Midjourney, exploring business-boosting AI tools, and a guide on YouTube Automation. My team and I have crafted these courses using platforms like Kajabi for hosting, Unbounce for lead generation, and Thrivecart for seamless checkouts. Alongside, we’re enhancing our social media presence to effectively market these comprehensive, skill-enhancing courses.

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Marketing Business Analyst, MarTech (Since 2023)

Since April 2023 at VF Corp, I’ve been pivotal in analyzing and documenting business processes for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, aiming to enhance operations across brands like The North Face, Ultra, Smartwool, Timberland, and Vans. My role bridges the Brand Marketing Department with the SFMC Development and Engineering team. I focus on developing specifications, UI mock-ups, and managing integrations and testing of new features. In daily scrum sessions, I contribute to story development and documentation, ensuring seamless communication between teams. My work is essential in rolling out new functionalities and improving customer experience within SFMC.

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Building and Maintaining several successful YouTube Channels (Since 2023)

Since 2023, I have successfully led the development and growth of multiple YouTube channels. My role involves directing a skilled team, including voice-over artists, scriptwriters, a social media manager, video editors, and thumbnail designers. I play a pivotal role in managing this team, ensuring the production of engaging and high-quality content. One of my key responsibilities is conducting in-depth keyword research on YouTube, allowing me to identify popular trends and craft captivating video ideas and titles. This strategic approach to content generation, combined with the expertise of my team, has been instrumental in the success of these channels. My role goes beyond just managing day-to-day operations; it involves a deep understanding of YouTube’s algorithms and audience preferences, which is crucial for the channels’ continuous growth and popularity.

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Self-Published Children’s Book Author (Since 2022)

As part of a multicultural family with German, Puerto Rican, and Azorean roots, I have published 11 children’s books in English, German, and Spanish. Inspired by our family’s journey, including our son Andrew’s birth in Minot, North Dakota, and our eventual move to Florida, these books reflect our diverse heritage. A key inspiration was the adoption of our cat Mickey in the Azores, who shares a special bond with Andrew. These books, born from our family’s experiences and the unique bond between a boy and his cat, aim to captivate and connect with families worldwide.

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Entrust Product Marketing Specialist (2022-2023)

Entrust Corp. offers the software and technology required to create e-passports, issue bank cards, authenticate users seeking to access secure networks or perform financial transactions, trust certificate websites, and connect devices. I was hired as a Contractor to support the Product Marketing Team Identity & Access Management with all their needs in re-writing solution webpages, creating SEO content for FAQ’s, writing blog posts and offer project management on various different topics in the IAM department.

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SalesForce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

Mainova Salesforce Marketing Cloud & E-Mail Marketing (B2C) 2020-2022

For 2.5 years I supported Mainova with the biggest project that they have ever implemented. Salesforce as a whole system is integrated into the current IT structure and I am part of the team that implements SalesCloud CRM and Salesforce MarketingCloud. I am one of the first people to design, implement and report on Marketing campaigns which are send directly to customers.

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Leitz Instagram Post

Acco Brands Social Media Channels (B2B) (2018-2021)

Leitz GmbH & Co. KG / Acco Brands is a German manufacturer of office products. The company, which is headquartered in Stuttgart, is owned by Esselte since 1998, who in turn were acquired by ACCO Brands in 2017. Today the brand Leitz is used by Esselte mainly for filing and workspace products. Even after leaving the company in 2017 I took over the management of their German Social Media channels for 3 additional years to help them grow their presence.

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Raketerei Social Media (2020-2021)

Imke Machura, the founder of Rakterei, has made it her mission to support other female artists in making their music successful. Together we set up social media campaigns for her workshops, e-mailings and festivals that she organized. We also created webinars where the m musicians that were being coached by her could ask question s and learn how to use Paid advertisement on facebook and instagram.

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beyerdynamic Paid Social Media Ads (2019)

Between March 2017 until October 2019 I was in charge of growing and managing the Social Media channels for beyerdynamic. I managed +50K€ budgets for each channel and grow them into the third biggest revenue stream for the online shop. I continued my work as a freelancer between April – October 2019.

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beyerdynamic and Höllenmaschine PC Welt campaign (2018)

The “Höllenmaschine” has been repeated every year since 2006 with the aim of uniting the currently best gaming hardware in a unique case – and then raffling it off to one winner. Together with beyerdynamic and their amazing Gaming Headset MMX 300 we launched a unique campaign in 2018 to promote the “Höllenmaschine” and the gaming headset.

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beyerdynamic Instagram campaign “Around the world” (2019)

Together with Anita Pfahl who works at beyerdynamic GmbH & Co KG. and two artists from Buenos Aires, Andi Pomato (singer-songwriter) and Paula Lembo (photographer and content editor) we developed, managed and executed an Instagram campaign – in 90 days around the world. Andi and Paula would travel, the world in 90 days with specific destinations to perform their art by using beyerdynamic products. This is one of my proudest projects to date.

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Leitz IQ Shredder Post

ACCO Brands Leitz IQ shredder campaign(B2B) (2019)

Leitz GmbH & Co. KG (acquired by Acco brands in 2017) is a supplier of office supplies, office solutions and stationery. For this campaign Leitz organized an event in Hamburg and I was in charge of creating the whole Social Media coverage and Paid Social Ads on facebook.

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beyerdynamic Artist of the month campaign with Shazam (B2C) (2018)

beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG (stylized as beyerdynamic) is a German manufacturer of microphones, headphones, wireless audio systems and conference systems. Headquartered in Heilbronn, Germany, Beyerdynamic has been family-owned since its founding in 1924. Together with Shazam and the well-known artist ATB I created a media campaign in the Shazam app to promote beyerdynamic’s new brand image along with the new release of ATB’s new single.

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Rixius SEA & Social Media campaigns (2019-2020)

Rixius AG is a specialist for plastic bottles and glass bottles for more than 100 years. They dominate the German packaging industry. Rixius was going through a transformation process as many things were still manually processed. Digital Shiftto online sales and my role was to shape, design andoptimize the current performance marketing landscape forthe company. They already had some groundwork done, such as SEA, but a whole new concept for optimized ROI needed to be implemented across various channels.

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